Documentation for classes includes syntax, usage information, and code samples for methods, properties, and event handlers and listeners for those APIs that belong to a specific class in ActionScript. The classes are listed alphabetically. If you are not sure to which class a certain method or property belongs, you can look it up in the Index.

com.ericfeminella.external Defines valid ResourceBundle method signitures which are used specifically by ResourceBundleManager to invoke internal ResourceBundle instances
com.ericfeminella.external Defines the contract for classes which must provide an API for working with manages ResourceBundles
com.ericfeminella.external Marker interface intended to improve code readability by inferring implementing classes are to define all resource bundle instances for an entire application from within a single, centralized repository.
com.ericfeminella.external Provides Singleton access to all ResourceBundle instances throughout an application
com.ericfeminella.external.errors Specifies that a ResourceBundle reference is null
com.ericfeminella.external.errors Specifies that a ResourceBundle property reference is null